I’ve Got a Crush on the World

Russian Visa: 1700 kroner Plane ticket: 1600 kroner Taxis: 1000 kroner Spending the weekend with your best friend in one of the most beautiful cities: Priceless Even though we failed to bring our winter coats, got limited sleep, and had to communicate mostly through google translate, Saint Petersburg did not disappoint.  I wish we could … More I’ve Got a Crush on the World

A Wee Bit Wicked

Better late than never, right!? Halloween has to be on the top of my list when it comes to holidays. Throughout my childhood, high school, and college, I loved thinking up creative costumes and spending weeks creating them (yes sometimes months).  It is one occasion that I will splurge on. Like the one time I … More A Wee Bit Wicked

No One Is You

No one is you and that is your super power.     Nope, I didn’t wait for Monday to roll around to kickstart my week. Sometimes you can’t wait another day to get the ball rolling. This weekend I decided I REALLY need to step up my game this next month. Bring it on November! … More No One Is You

Fall into Friday

Who else loves oatmeal as much as this girl?! What about pumpkin?! So why not combine the two?! Try these pumpkin pie overnight oats! Of course this is a Pinterest recipe from Amy’s Healthy Baking. What you need: -1/2 cup of Greek yogurt -1/2 cup of pumpkin purée -1/4 cup of old fashioned oats -1/4 … More Fall into Friday

Tuesday? But I wasn’t even finished with Saturday yet…

After a CRAZYYYYYY September this weekend was meant to be a bit more low key.  After Forsker Grand Prix, the first half of a course, and having my mom in Oslo for 2 weeks, what better way to spend the weekend relaxing and not doing much! Did that happen!? HAHA HECK NO, but am I … More Tuesday? But I wasn’t even finished with Saturday yet…

Explorers of Oslo

This month marks two years that I have been living in Oslo, Norway.  In September 2015, I moved from Pennsylvania to Oslo to further my education and career as a behavior analyst.  I had always wanted to try living overseas (preferably Ireland), but moving to Oslo was an amazing opportunity I knew I had to … More Explorers of Oslo