Lights, Camera, ACTION

Tuesday night was my debut on the big stage at Sentrum Scene in Oslo, Norway.






Way back in May I applied for Researcher Grand Prix (Forsker Grand Prix), which is an event where 10 researchers are given 4 minutes to present their research in an entertaining, but educational format.  As soon as I returned back from a conference in Denver at the end of May the work began! June to September included a couple coaching sessions, TONS of rewrites of my scripts, and lots of stress! It was definitely challenging for me to get out of the “conference” presentation mode.


Rehearsal a week before the show! 


All those weeks of rehearsing, rewrites, and stress finally paid off on Tuesday night.  My immune system decided to take a BIG hit a week before the show, but I somehow managed to keep it together.  Getting sick in the middle of a PhD course, and a week before the show was really not all that surprising.  Working through rewrites and memorizing two 4-minute scripts was definitely a stressor.  I couldn’t seem to focus on much other work because I was always thinking I should be practicing! Thanks to my OCD and perfectionism tendencies!!!

Backstage! Ladies Dressing Room!


The show must go on…


After a long afternoon of rehearsing the 10 of us FINALLY got to take the stage at 6! It was such an amazing feeling to have the support of one another. We were all rooting for each other and I think I can speak for all of us by saying that we all should have made it to the National Final!






It was honestly a huge shock to me to have made it to the second round. I felt like I was in my own little world. As soon as my name was announced I immediately began rehearsing my second script! “You are all about to get a brief insight into the training I do with children with autism…” AND HERE WE GO AGAIN!


I survived the second round (PHEW!) It actually went amazing and I landed in second place, which meant OFF TO TRONDHEIM FOR THE NATIONAL FINAL!








What’s next?

Torunn and I will compete in the National Final TONIGHT at Byscenen! I wish we could have everyone from Oslo here supporting us, but I know we will rock it and still have everyone rooting for us back home!




Lykke til alle!


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