Kilt Inspecter Needed!? … I’m on My Way!

The real reason I go to Scotland is for the wine gums. Ha Ha, kidding (kind of). Ok, the reallllll reason is for the accents and the scenery. Well, if I’m being honest it’s more so for the accents. Also, to hopefully run into Jamie from Outlander.   When I had the chance to take … More Kilt Inspecter Needed!? … I’m on My Way!

Bend Don’t Break

After a month of “me” time, I’m back. I needed to step away and focus on getting back to the groove of things in Oslo. This included new work projects, preparing for lectures, catching up with friends who I hadn’t seen in weeks, and most importantly, focusing on myself. February threw some big curveballs my … More Bend Don’t Break