It’s a Hop, Skip, and a Jump




…Read the subject line of my email from

Ok, clearly I’m joking and giving myself a hard time. Just like any other blogger (who does it more for a hobby) you fall off the wagon here and there. I haven’t been super active in my own posts, or following or commenting on other blogs. I’ve told myself that being busy with work is a good enough excuse, although I have been traveling which gives me lots of time to write. Which clearly I’m NOT taking advantage of. THAT’S LIFE, but maybe this girl needs to work on her prioritization skills. CHECK.

I promised myself I would be more grounded to Norway for most of March considering how long I was away for from December to February. I love traveling, but it’s always challenging to feel grounded and have that belonging feeling when you are always on the go. February and March were exceptionally rocky months for me and unfortunately you can’t run, travel, or escape from the events that flip your life around. Instead, I journaled instead of blogging. It is amazing how those words slowly lose power in your mind when you put them down on paper.

Despite the plan to stay grounded in Oslo, one journey was planned for March. RENO, NEVADA. Too bad I don’t gamble! Not your ideal destination to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or have a wild spring break, right!? This trip was exhausting and was purely for educational purposes, but I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing people on this trip. One FULL day of traveling, one day of exploring, four days of learning, and another 24 hours of travel back to Oslo. I should have thought this one through a LITTTTTTLE better!

Since my days were consumed with workshops and evenings filled with social events, that didn’t leave much time to explore the “Biggest Little City in the World.” But when there is a will, there is a way.

Unlike most of my adventures, I didn’t document a majority of the places I ventured to, but here is a list of some of the top places that were recommended to me by the locals. I really only had one day, and one free evening to venture out!

For when you’re hungry:

  1. The DeLuxe. Found this gem located in a cozy courtyard. Everything on the menu is organic and plant based. If you are traveling to Reno like I was, and your days are consumed by sitting, learning, and not moving around much, The DeLuxe hit the spot with it’s fresh food!
  2. Sup. Located in MidTown is this cute soup, sandwich, and salad shop. Just like The DeLuxe, the focus is on healthy, homemade and fresh recipes.
  3. Laughing Planet. For all you burrito lovers! Laughing Planet is another restaurant that chooses their ingredients that are locally grown, fresh, and simple.
  4. Two Chicks…because who doesn’t love a KICK ASS breakfast place!


For when you’re thirsty:

  1. Chapel Tavern. I was in Reno for St. Patrick’s Day and luckily we weren’t dragging too hard from day one of the bootcamp. Highlight of my night was the bar having MURPHY’S stout on tap! A little taste of Ireland.
  2. Global Coffee. For when you need a cup of joe…. or like me, several cups. This hidden gem was located in the Basement. Global coffee, along with a few other micro-businesses, is below the former US Post Office. Don’t miss it!


And I saved the best for the best adventure for last.

Check out that view, right!? On our last evening in Reno, a few of us ventured to Lake Tahoe. It was cold, snowy, and raining, but it was an amazing sight! I’m sure it’s a beautiful sight no matter what season it is.



I urge you; go find buildings and mountains and oceans to swallow you whole. They will save you in a way nothing else can.

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