Happiness is a Bicycle and a Sunny Day

What do you do on a Saturday in sunny San Fransisco!?

Rent bikes and pedal it out! #bootywork

Call me crazy, but I have this really odd fear of riding bikes, especially in big, busier cities. Growing up, we only tended to ride bikes in the neighborhood or out on trails in the woods or in parks. So, not only did I get to explore so much of San Fransisco by bike, but I also showed my bike fear who is boss and rode it out

Our Saturday morning adventures began by renting bikes from Blazing Saddles.  Ready, set, let’s ride!

DAMN THOSE HILLS! Our first stop was at Alamo Square where we got to see the Painted Ladies. We also got that beautiful view of downtown San Fransisco and the blue sky!



Quick stop off for coffee at The Mill. A friend (thanks Rachel!) recommended tons of great spots to visit in San Fran, and The Mill was one of them. So many bikers stopping in and out to grab their coffee or pastries before they biked off throughout the city!



…work off those donuts & pumpkin bread by biking through Golden Gate Park!

Quick stop at Ocean Beach to check the map!



Ocean views from The Cliff House



Sutro Baths





Lands End


My thought at the time, “We still have to get all the way over there!?” HA!


Making progress! Now, let’s get to that bridge!



We made it! While riding across the bridge we had so many bikers speeding past us and towards us! Talk about concentration skills. I almost ran into one person, but no scrapes were acquired!



After biking the bridge we continued on to Sausalito. Victory beer!? For renting bikes we got one free beer at The Joinery. Burgers & beers to celebrate the hours of biking and not getting hit by any cars or other bikers (seriously was worried about that one).

We needed a break, so we took the Ferry on the way back. I think that’s a fair trade off, right!? So many other bikers on board, relaxing in the sun before the last little ride back to Blazing Saddles.

Post biking cocktails!? What a way to end our biking adventures with a relaxing evening at The Library/Hotel Rex.



For the sake of your soul, venture out.

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