Kilt Inspecter Needed!? … I’m on My Way!

The real reason I go to Scotland is for the wine gums. Ha Ha, kidding (kind of). Ok, the reallllll reason is for the accents and the scenery. Well, if I’m being honest it’s more so for the accents. Also, to hopefully run into Jamie from Outlander.   When I had the chance to take … More Kilt Inspecter Needed!? … I’m on My Way!

Honey, I’m home!

  It seems that my bad luck has continued. Remember back in July when I traveled back to the U.S. from Norway!? Well, this trip back for Christmas was a liitttlleeeeee similar.   Did my luggage take 2 weeks to be returned to me? No. Did it take me 48 hours to get to the … More Honey, I’m home!