Honey, I’m home!

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It seems that my bad luck has continued. Remember back in July when I traveled back to the U.S. from Norway!? Well, this trip back for Christmas was a liitttlleeeeee similar.


Did my luggage take 2 weeks to be returned to me? No.

Did it take me 48 hours to get to the U.S.? Well, No (only about 36).

Was the airline helpful during those two days of hell!? NOOOOOOOOOOOO.


All was smooth sailing until I arrived in Chicago from Stockholm and my luggage was no where to be seen. Hmmm???? Well, that could be an issue since I have to go through customs and connect for one more flight.

Slumber party in Chicago for one!? That is exactly what happened, but still not luggage. Tonight’s forecast… 99.9% chance of wine!


Wednesday morning 4:15

Hotel Driver says to me “Well, you have an early morning flight, don’t you!?”

Me: “Don’t mess with me.”

Smooth sailing from Chicago to Detroit and Detroit to Erie!

FINALLY!!!! I arrived back in Pennsylvania, and surprise, surprise, no luggage.

For those who are frequent travelers and international travelers REMEMBER DOCUMENTATION! MAKE COPIES OF EVERYTHING!

  1. Lost luggage
  2. Receipts of anything you purchased during the delay or cancelation
  3. Receipts of  hotel stays, taxis, etc.
  4. Reasons why you were rebooked, delayed, cancelled.
  5. Get those digits. No, I’m not talking about the cute flight attendants. Airline staff who you can contact, because from my experience getting a hold of people for certain airlines (SAS) can be a pain in the a**!


When I had those travel struggles in July, luckily SAS reimbursed me for EVERYTHING, but my insurance did not. Because I missed my connection due to a delay leaving the previous destination, I had to be rebooked for another flight. Since this wasn’t a part of my original itinerary they could not “help me out.” I think that is absolute BS, but SAS stepped up their game, so I was satisfied.

Another piece of advice. Be careful when you switch airlines. I didn’t realize this, but since my luggage was missing and I switched airlines, filing a claim was basically impossible. United wouldn’t file it because I last flew with Delta. Delta couldn’t file it because they didn’t have a delta bag tag. And SAS…Well, SAS is sort of on my shit list (still) This created lots of confusion, no answers, and basically left me waiting for 48 hours to see what would happen.

My bag FINALLY arrived on Thursday evening and a HUGE thanks to the Delta and United airlines staff! I think some of them were ready to hop on a flight to Chicago and take care of it themselves!

Losing my suitcase and my own belongings would have been one thing, but actually half of my suitcase was work equipment and Christmas gifts. I only had so much room on my carry ons! Losing some of those items would have been a bit of a nightmare. If only I could travel with my luggage as a carry on! “Trust me, I’ll save your airline a lot of hassle arriving with my luggage in my own hands!”


Now that all that craziness is over, it is time to enjoy the holidays with my friends and family (:

Merry Christmas!




2 thoughts on “Honey, I’m home!

    1. Of course they let me leave! Well, I stayed over night in Chicago since I missed my flight and was on a different flight the next morning! Luggage finally arrived late Thursday! I hope this streak doesn’t continue! Second time this has happened with SAS.

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