Meet Me at the End of the Rainbow

…I didn’t find a pot of gold, but I found something better.

I found the beautiful city of Cork.


I PROMISEEEE this is my last post about Ireland…until I visit again. My boyfriend is currently in the interview process with a company in Dublin, so who knows!? I could be seeing Ireland a little more than usual, and I’m NOT complaining about that one!

After visiting Cork back in December, I have to say that it is a close tie between Dublin and Cork. I love Dublin for its big city feel, but Cork is much smaller and has that edge and character to it that I’ve never experienced in Dublin. Of course the locals in Cork were amazing, just like everywhere else in Ireland! I luckily made a friend on the bus ride from Dublin airport to Cork who didn’t leave me hanging when I needed someone to explore with or drink a Murphy’s with.

After full day at the Cliffs of Moher on Sunday, and half of Monday spent exploring the Blarney Castle, I needed more downtime over the next two days in Cork.

Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral

Situated in the centre of Cork city is Cork’s Anglican Cathedral church. The church was completed in 1879 and is now the primary of three cathedrals in the Church of Ireland.










Need your daily dose of caffeine!? Alchemy will feed your coffee addiction. Alchemy Coffee and Bookstore has a Bohemian, quirky, and relaxed vibe to it. I actually ordered two coffees while I was there. I know! I’m not a coffee addict, but I was actually mixing work with pleasure and did some writing for a few hours. When you visit, be sure to order a homemade pastry to go along with your coffee. I ordered a jar of their overnight oats and they were to die for! YUM.




Liberty Grill

Table for one at Liberty Grill! When you travel on your own you get used to eating lunches, dinners, and grabbing a pint alone! It is really not as bad as some people expect. Be sure to make reservations if you are brunching or dining at the Liberty Grill. It was packed for a Tuesday afternoon. Luckily, my mimosa and Irish Benedict came fast, so I was off exploring more of Cork in no time!




The Red Abbey 

The 14th-century Augustinian abbey, which took its name from the reddish sandstone used in construction. The abbey tower was used as a vantage point and battery during the Siege of Cork in 1690. All that remains of the abbey today is the structure of the central bell tower.



Soma Coffee Company, because there is always time for more coffee. It seems that Soma is a hit for the Cork coffee culture. It can best be described as having a west coast vibe.



The English Market

Take a stroll through this food paradise where there are plenty of food stalls scattered throughout the hall.





My stomach is doing somersaults just thinking about this place! This Mediterranean, contemporary bar/cafe is located in the heart of Cork city.  Dinner, drinks, and table for one? Or two, if you are traveling with your partner in crime. Orso is tiny, so be sure to get there early enough to grab a table! I’m a whiskey fan, so I tried the Whiskey Ginger. Everything on the menu looked AMAZING, but I recommend the Orso spiced potato, squash, and beetroot bake which is topped with goat cheese and crispy onions #drooling



Beer anyone!? I recommend these four places to grab your pint of Murphy’s.


Mutton Lane Inn

This is one of the oldest drinking establishments in Cork. It was easy to miss as it is situated in an alleyway. I ventured into Mutton Lane on my first night in Cork and I wish I would have went back! I definitely recommend visiting this dark and candle lit bar to grab a pint!

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 5.53.10 PM


The Oval

Named for its spectacular interior ceiling, this is another popular pub in Cork. Be careful while you are there drinking your pint or listening to the live music. This pub is said to be haunted!


Arthur Mayne’s Pharmacy

I wouldn’t have checked this bar out without a recommendation from a local friend. This is a 120-year old chemist shop turned wine bar! The bar has the vintage feel since little has been done to the ground floor. Stop in for a coffee, food, or a pint.



Dennehy’s Bar

One of the last few remaining original authentic old pubs in the city. This place screams: Old man pub! Haha and that wasn’t even my description of the place! Either way, this place was great and definitely not your typical Cork city pub. The pub is tiny and I would guess could only hold about 30 people?!?





Traveling-  it leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller.

I hope you are enjoying my stories of travel, new places and people.

Until next time.






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