What Fills The Eyes Fills The Heart

What is your most visited country!? I’ve been lucky enough to visit Ireland six times in my life. I mean can you blame me? Those accents, the sheep, the scenery! Did I mention the accents already!? Every time I leave I swear a tear still falls from my cheek. This past summer I decided to … More What Fills The Eyes Fills The Heart

Run, Darling, Run

  After arriving in Clonakilty Thursday night MUCH later than expected, Friday turned into a relaxing day which is exactly what we needed. While Alyssa worked a little, I wandered around the small town of Clonakilty. I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I made a straightaway for the pharmacy. Once that task … More Run, Darling, Run

Go with the Flow

  Yesterday morning started my travel adventures from Oslo, Norway to Clonakilty, Ireland.     Running Shoes: Check Garmin: Check Running Clothes: Check   My friend and I decided to sign up for the half marathon in Clonakilty, Ireland back in August. We both love Ireland (not as much as running), so we thought why … More Go with the Flow

Make Today Amazing

HAPPY MONDAY BEAUTIES!     Today is THE Day! Day 1 of our Fall Into You challenge group AND my first official day training for my half marathon! On December 7th I will be traveling to Cork, Ireland. ¬†Yesterday I officially signed up for the half marathon on December 9th in Clonakilty! Ireland is one … More Make Today Amazing