Go with the Flow


Yesterday morning started my travel adventures from Oslo, Norway to Clonakilty, Ireland.


Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 2.33.46 PM


Running Shoes: Check

Garmin: Check

Running Clothes: Check


My friend and I decided to sign up for the half marathon in Clonakilty, Ireland back in August. We both love Ireland (not as much as running), so we thought why not!?

Luckily my flight from Oslo yesterday morning was not as early as the one the following week. The following week I traveled to Switzerland to visit and stay with another friend. My flight was at 6:45, so as you can imagine I had an early start that day. Flight time to London, Stansted was for 9:55. All was going smooth until the flight was delayed by 20 minutes, but we ended up leaving Oslo an hour off schedule. I knew I wasn’t going to make it.

11:50: Gate Closed for Flight to Cork

11:45: Land at London, Stansted

11:46: Crying (Ok, not really, but almost)

Unfortunately, this airport does not do internal connections, which meant absolutely NO chance of making my flight. When I finally got to customer service I was informed that there was a flight that evening to Cork. HOORAYYYYY… OK, NOT SO FAST WITH THE CELEBRATIONS. Of course the flight was booked, which meant I could either stay in London for the night and take the flight to Cork Friday morning or fly to Dublin that afternoon. I decided to go the Dublin route. I just wanted to be in Ireland already!

Cutting it close AGAIN. I had to jump the line in security. Thank goodness there are understanding people in this world who don’t want to deal with an emotional, crying travelers! Of all times I go through security, this was the time I got pushed aside to be searched. NOW I RUN! Although Stansted isn’t a big airport it felt like it too me FOREVER to get to my gate. Thank goodness I didn’t wear my wool that day because I was already a sweaty, hot mess once I arrived to my gate. Poor guy who had to sit next to me!


Hello, Dublin! Give me some wine, food, and get my ass to Cork!

Ok, I’m a total werido, but landing in Dublin just gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. I was just happy to finally be back in one of my favorite places. Even the security guard at passport had me laughing at my travel struggles. He told me if I didn’t win the half marathon I couldn’t go back to Oslo. Hmm.. should I run as slow as a turtle tomorrow!?

The coach from Dublin to Cork is scheduled for every hour, so luckily I didn’t have to jump off the plane and onto the bus. Little did I know at the time I should have done just that!

The trip to Cork from Dublin was to take approximately 3.5 hours. It was a relaxing journey. I was FINALLY getting somewhere!


Listen to podcast: CHECK

Take a nap: CHECK

Eat an entire bag of wine gums: CHECK. CHECK. YES, I am obsessed with wine gums.

Ask stranger sitting next to me how I get to Clonakilty from Cork: CHECK.


This stranger quickly became my new Irish friend. My phone was almost dead and I needed to figure out where I was supposed to be for the next bus, and I needed to do it FAST! The whole day I was kind of going with the flow (emotional and frustrated at times, yes) and I just wanted to get to Clonakilty and into bed! Did I mention that I felt like I was getting a cold!? Yup, BRING on the sniffles, body aches, and headache.

My new friend, Mike, answered my ZILLION questions, and I quickly find out the last bus to Clonakilty from Cork had departed 20 minutes ago. HAHAHAHAHA GO FIGURE!

Next option: Go to the pub, wait for Alyssa to arrive from Oslo, and then find a hotel or a hostel to stay for the night.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 2.11.46 PM


It is a good thing I found a local to show me to the right pub or I probably would have ended up at a real touristy spot for the next couple hours. Mutton Lane Inn was tucked down in an alley on St. Patrick’s Street. I never thought I’d say this, but I found a beer better than Guinness. Murphy’s Irish Stout. Almost the same as a Guinness, but BETTER! Trust me, Guinness lovers!

After a few pints of Murphy’s with Mike and Alyssa (she needed a pint on arrival as well HA!), Mike gave us a good recommendation for food before we were off on an hour long taxi ride to Clonakilty. Yup, we figured it was just better to get there!

David! Take us to Clonakilty.

12:30: Arrive at Clonakilty Hotel

12:32: PASSED OUT!

Stay tuned for more adventures in Clonakilty, the Clonakilty half marathon tomorrow, and my upcoming days in Cork.


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