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A few weeks back, work took me on my next adventure. Even though Stockholm is a really easy city to get to from Oslo, it took me almost 2 years to make it back. Last time I was there, one of my best friends from the U.S. was visiting. We only had two days to jam everything in! This week long trip to Stockholm was work based, but I still made the most of it by visiting a few places I didn’t get to experience on my last trip, visiting a few places I loved when I was last in Stockholm, and also trying to find the restaurant with the best Swedish meatballs. Foodie goals!

The area that I stayed in was near Stadion, which is about 3 stops from the Central Station. This was perfect for me since I was also there visiting and working with the University of Stockholm.

Of course, I THOUGHT I backed up my photos, but turns out I messed up on that front, so unfortunately, you all won’t get to experience all of the awesome photos I took ): But enjoy what you can.

Explore the New.

One place I hadn’t gone to last time that I made sure to see this time was the Vasa Museum. I didn’t waste more than 5 minutes dropping my stuff at my airbnb before walking over.


The Vasa Museum.

The shortest maiden voyage in history!? On August 10, 1628, the ship made it no further than 1300 meters. In an attempt to make it back to port, the ship sunk within minutes, 32 meters below the sea. From 1663-1665, many attempts were made to lift the ship from the bottom of the sea, but the ship was stuck to the muddy bottom. Almost 35 years after the sinking, almost all of the Vasa’s cannons were brought up by a team of divers. It wasn’t until April 1961, that the Vasa appeared from the water after spending 333 years at the bottom of the sea. Check out the timeline and more about the history at the link below!



Gamla Stan.

The Old Town. This is where Stockholm was founded and it is one of the foremost attractions in Stockholm. While in Gamla Stan, be sure to check out the oldest square, Stortorget, and the oldest street, Köpmangatan. Be sure to get lost down the narrow, winding, cobblestone streets. Take in the views of all the different and colorful buildings, churches, and homes.



Where to Eat!?

Every restaurant that serves Swedish meatballs, duh!

1. Paraden for Swedish Meatballs. This place was recommended by my Airbnb host, and I must say, that I’m really glad I listened to her. Meatballs for one, a glass of wine, with a side of writing. Perfect atmosphere for one or for a group!



2.  Ecoist Butik & Cafe. A combination of a health food store (and more), plus a cafe with all your essentials like a double cappuccino and an acai bowl!


3. Skånska Gruvan (Djurgården or Kungliga Djurgården).  Djurgården is an island in central Stockholm. Skansa is located here and it is one of the first open air museums and zoos in Sweden! You could spend hours running, sunning, walking, or visiting all the attractions in this area (there are a ton!). Places I recommend (and that I visited) were lunch at Skånska Gruvan and Rosendals Trädgård (Rosendals Garden).  This garden showcases biodynamic cultivation of vegetables, fruits, flowers, shops, and has a greenhouse cafe. Such a cozy atmosphere for a sunny, summer day!



4. Aubergine. Located in Östermalm, Aubergine, has a Mediteranean menu, but also includes all your Swedish alternatives. I had to try something other than the Swedish meatballs (it was hard talking myself out of that one!). I recommend the Iberico pork shoulder with piementos de padrones, sherry vinegar, pickled avocado, cilantro, sweet potato fries and chipotle mayo! Oh, and a glass of white wine.



5. Green Rabbit. Quick stop off for a latte and a tarte bulle on a Thursday afternoon. Freshly baked breads, pasteries, breakfast, lunch, soup, and your choice of caffeine…. OH MY! The bakery also offers fresh and organic ingredients, with very friendly chefs (:



6. Broms Karlaplan. Friday morning was my last day in Stockholm and it also required a full day of teaching. To make sure I was prepared for a long day of teaching, and then traveling back to Oslo, I ventured to Cafe Broms, which was another recommended spot from my airbnb host.



Even though the week mainly revolved around work, I made the most of being in one of my favorite cities. I’m still bumming that I lost most of my pictures from the trip, but at least I was fortunate enough to experience these opportunities in person! Now it’s your turn! Enjoy!


…but the world is calling, and I must go hear what it has to say.






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