Nothing Adventured. Nothing Attained.


I’ve been living in Norway for almost 3 years now, so I figured it was about time to get some of these famous hikes under my belt. We’ve also been experiencing one of the best summers here in many many years. What better time, but now, to lace up those boots, grab the girls, and head to Trolltunga!

  1. Boots…CHECK!
  2. Backpack… CHECK!
  3. Wool…CHECK!
  4. Food… CHECK!
  5. Toilet paper… oops!

Too much information!? Ok, so all four of us signed up to bring the essential items that would be needed on the trip. So it came as a shock when we were driving and I asked who brought the toilet paper. “B, you signed up to bring that!” OOPS! Luckily we just raided (only a little bit) the hotel we stayed at the night before the hike (Thank you Trolltunga hotel)! Note: Make sure you double check that your air headed friend brings what they signed up to bring!

To Trolltunga we go! It was about a six hour road trip from Oslo to the city of Odda where we stayed the night before the hike. We stayed at Trolltunga Hotel, which was about 20 minutes drive to the Trolltunga parking lot. I would highly recommend staying here! So many adventurous hikers around preparing for a weekend of adventures. Plus the views of the fjord waking up were so breathtaking and got us pumped up for our hike!


For those that aren’t familiar, Trolltunga is one of the most spectacular scenic cliffs in Norway.  It is situated about 1100 meters above sea level, and it hovers 700 metres above Lake Ringedalsvatnet. WARNING- THE VIEW IS BREATHTAKING AND YOU WON’T WANT TO LEAVE. The hike starts in Skjeggedal and goes through the high mountains. The hike takes 10-12 hours (27,5 km in total to Trolltunga and return) and the ascent is about 1000 meters. WARNING- THE HIKE IS LONG AND DEMANDING. WEAR PROPER GEAR! I can’t tell you how many people I saw wearing crocs and converse. PEOPLE, wear your hiking boots. Every year there are search and rescue for hikers in trouble. So be smart first and be prepared. WARNING- WEAR YOUR HIKING BOOTS! Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox.




We all agreed upon making it to the troll’s tongue, camping for the night and making our way back down the next day. BEST IDEA. For anyone who has two days, and the weather conditions are in your favor, I HIGHLY suggest camping! I’m not saying it wasn’t challenging carrying heavy bags with all our gear, food, tents, sleeping bags, etc, but it was 101% worth the slight struggle up!

It only took us about 4.5 hours (with plenty of snack, picture and water stops) to make it to the top. I was in absolute amazement as soon as we reached the top. I thought maybe someone would have to pick my chin up off the rock… it was THAT breathtaking. Of course lots of pictures were taken, but you also need to remember to look and take it all in. Absorb the beautiful views that surround you!


Our next mission: find the perfect location to pitch our tent, but c’mon there wasn’t a bad spot on that mountain! We set ourselves up next a little stream, with still an amazing view.

Dinner for four! Pass me some Turmat please! For those that aren’t fluent in Norwegian or know what hiking food consists of, that means dehydrated hiking food. MMMM… YUMMY! So we passed around some very salty chicken tikka masala, potato and onion stew, and pasta primavera. Oh, and don’t forget the chocolate, cookies, and birthday cookie for dessert! We got to celebrate a friend turning 29 this weekend. How awesome to celebrate your birthday on Trolltunga!



So after we wined and dined we went to hang at the tongue, because why not!? Definitely one of the perks of camping up there. You don’t have to just bust your ass, stand in line for an hour to get your picture taken (yes, that is the average wait), and then hike your ass back down. Life is for enjoying people!

While we hung around chatting with other hikers, taking pictures, and being silly, we obviously ran into some interesting characters. We ran into people from all over and got to experience the breathtaking views together.  Talk about an amazing experience.



Good Morning, Sunshine!

Now isn’t that stunning!? I wish I could wake up to that every single morning.

The next morning we packed up camp, ate our chocolate oatmeal, drank our instant coffee and headed back for the troll’s tongue. The line hadn’t grown too long as it was mostly the other campers around (and surprisingly there really weren’t many of us!). Again, we made some friends (and Lauren made some enemies haha) and stood in line to take more pictures on the famous stone ledge!



Back down we go! I’ll be honest, I was more nervous for the hike down than for the hike up. I don’t have the strongest ankles (thank you 13 years of gymnastics and numerous sprained and torn ligaments). Slow and steady wins the the race. That’s what they say, right!? With only 3 snack and photo stops we finally made it down in 3.5 hours! What a feat.




Hiking Trolltunga with a few of my best girlfriends was an amazing experience. We definitely challenged ourselves, especially with the heavy packs and demanding trail. We also felt super badass for camping up there as well! It was such an empowering and emotionally moving weekend. Trolltunga was worth the blood, sweat, and tears. Ok, no bad tears were shed on this trip…Only good ones! Until next time, Trolltunga.


Hiking is a bit like life:  The journey only requires you to put one foot in front of the other…again and again and again. And if you allow yourself the opportunity to be present throughout the entirety of the trek, you will witness beauty every step of the way, not just at the summit. 


Photo Credits: Gigi, Lauren and Alyssa. This trip wouldn’t have been as memorable without you ladies! Takk for beste tur!

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