Take Only Memories. Leave Only Footprints

Quick weekend getaway to a city that has been high on my list, but apparently not at the tippy top, since it has taken me so long to book a flight!



Oslo to Amsterdam.

  1. Girls are all packed up
  2. 48 hours in sunny Amsterdam
  3. No travel “to-do” list, so we are just going with the flow


Day 1 of “AMventures”

We waited out the LONG line at Pluk, because for the LOVE OF BRUNCH! Definitely DO NOT arrive on an empty stomach on a sunny, Saturday afternoon. We waited in line for about 35 minutes and drooled over all the pastries and pies that were in front of us.





How many cheese museums does it take for one to get sick of cheese!? I could have kept going after only popping into a few as we wandered around the city. #toomuchcheese #saidnooneever



Flower market. This was obviously a huge tourist attraction and it was overflowing with people everywhere you looked! Unfortunately, I did not purchase any flowers or seeds, but hey, check out my new shoes!? Definitely easier to pack in my carry on than a dozen roses, right!?



I amsterdam. As I say with a lot of my destinations, I do plan to go back to Amsterdam. When I return I’ll TRY to remember to not go to this site SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF A SATURDAY AFTERNOON! It was such a sunny day and sun was something we were not seeing much of in Oslo, so that was our excuse for skipping the museums. Everyone was saying that Anne Frank and Van Gogh are must sees though!



Midday beers at Cafe Buhr’s.



On to the next Pub!?

De Prael. This was another recommended bar! We had to twist and turn our way through all the little side streets to find this place. That’s half the adventure, right!?



Pllek. A day of wandering left us exhausted and ready to relax, while still getting a taste of Amsterdam. Our airbnb was actually located very close to Pllek. Since it was conveniently located there we did not have any excuses to not stop by! This bar and restaurant is built off of used shipping containers. It is located near the Wharf and offers a great view of the city!




Day 2 of AMventures:

PANCAKES. My sweet tooth was satisfied that’s for sure! We did opt for more savory than sweet. There were too many decisions, but we both had the cheese and bacon pancakes! Again, this was another “worth the wait,” and recommended restaurant to stop in at and grab a bite!



Circle Lines. Our own private canal tour!? Amsterdam treated us well and gave us another sunny day. A spur of the moment decision to take a canal tour was in our favor, since we got the entire boat to ourselves! One and a half hours of cruising around the canals and learning about the city. The bottom picture, Reguliersgracht, is one of the most picturesque canals and it is the location of the “Seven Bridges Amsterdam.”

Our captain!



Brouwerij ‘t  IJ! We made it to land and to more beer! The brewery was founded by a musician and songwriter in 1985. You can take a tour of the brewery, but I suggest simply sitting in the garden and getting a sampler and snacks!



The Cloud Gallery. Maybe we should eat something a little more on the healthy side!? The Cloud gallery offered a beautiful, minimalistic atmosphere, and amazingly, delicious acai bowls! Thanks for the recommendation, Jaq! The Cloud Gallery is also an exhibition space for contemporary art.



Exhausted from two full days in the sun and hours of walking (we opted for more walking and less bussing), we decided to say goodbye to the city and hello to the train station.



I’ve been to Schiphol airport I don’t know how many times, but never outside and in the city of Amsterdam. It was great to finally get to experience all this city has to offer!

Until next time, Amsterdam




Sometimes, a break from your routine is the very thing you need. 

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