Escape the Ordinary

Ready, set, west coast here I come!

I’m an east coast girl, born and raised, until I decided to pack my suitcases and move to Scandinavia. Growing up my grandparents took us on as many vacations as they could. We rarely took a flight, but rather we all packed into a motor home and drove hundreds of miles all over the United States. From Maine, Florida, New Mexico, Utah, Louisiana, South Carolina, … the list goes on and on. We camped out, drove for hours on end, and saw as many National Monuments and Parks as we could.

Even with all those trips I took with family over the years I never got to experience the state of California. I’ve been working in Pennsylvania for the past five weeks, so when Thomas suggested we meet up halfway through my stay in the states of course it was a double win. See Thomas and get to travel to San Francisco!? I’ll take it!

Travel. Explore. Live.



Our days were jam packed, but there was ALWAYS something to do! This is one thing I absolutely love about big cities.


Let’s explore San Francisco!

Check out The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.



This bridge has one the longest spans in the United States. The bridge was opened only six months before the Golden Gate Bridge in 1936. The “Bay Bridge,” carries about 260,000 cars a day! Be sure to get a good view of the bridge from Pier 14.


Pier 14.


Pier 14 is located just before the Ferry building. This extremely long pier will allow you to get a good view of the Bay Bridge.


Ferry Building Marketplace.


Did you know that the Ferry Building is San Francisco’s most famous landmark?! I didn’t! Not only is it located in a strategic location, but it’s the primary portal of the city and the clock tower has been the icon of San Francisco waterfront for years! We explored the inside of the Ferry Building to find a public food market.



Pier 1.


Here is a list of the San Francisco Piers!


Pier 39.


Sea lions anyone!? Just at the end of Fisherman’s Wharf is a major tourist attraction with shopping and restaurants built on the pier. Escape the crowds of shoppers and eaters, and venture over to the crowds gathered to watch the sea lions!


Musee Mécanique.


Also located at Fisherman’s Wharf is an interactive museum full of arcade games and artifacts. Thomas explored the arcade on his previous trip to San Francisco, so I was happy he suggested it because it wasn’t on my list of attractions. The Musee Mecanique has a collection of over 300 mechanical games and is home to many rare and historical pieces. Be sure to have your pockets filled with quarters so you can try out a handful of games!


The Buena Vista.


After beating Thomas at a game of corn hole, we grabbed lunch and a famous Irish Coffee! Check out the Irish Coffee story from the link below! The Buena Vista offered a wide selection of delicious food (I got the reuben), Irish Coffee that hit the spot, and friendly staff!


The hike to Lombard Street!



Lombard Street.



San Francisco has some of the steepest streets in America, but also the crookedest street! Be sure to check out this unique street located in the Russian Hill neighborhood. So many people were scattered in the middle of the street taking pictures, as well as drivers taking a quick spin down the crooked, curvy street. Not only is the street crooked, but it is beautifully lined with Victorian mansions and gardens.




Coit Tower.

Also known as Lillian Coit Memorial Tower, the tower offers panoramic views of San Francisco. The tower, which is located in the Telegraph Hill neighborhood, was built using Lillian’s inheritance.  This slender white column can be seen rising from Telegraph Hill. We made it just in time to get tickets to take the elevator to the observation deck where we got a 360 degree view of the city, the bridges, and Alcatraz! Inside the tower’s base there are beautifully painted murals that were completed in 1934.




Tony’s Pizza Napoletana.


Mama Mia, that’s a GIGANTIC meatball! Located in the heart of Little Italy is Tony’s pizza.  The restaurant is limited to serving some dishes only a certain number of times each day, but even if you can’t get your top pick everything else on the menu sounds mouthwatering.  We gave the meatball gigante with wild mushroom, pancetta, cream sauce a try. The name of the dish doesn’t lie! After a few drinks and our Brooklyn style calzone, day one of Cali adventures came to a close.


Time to recover and rest up for Day 2!



Escape and breathe the air of new places

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