Say YES to new adventures

Say yes to new adventures and always seek to see more!


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A few weeks ago, I FINALLY had the chance to experience a new city in Norway.  I have been living in Oslo for about two years now, and I still haven’t been to some of the other major cities! It does get expensive to travel within Norway, so most of the time we choose to explore a new country altogether.


Velkommen til Trondheim!


I was only in this beautiful city for a few days, but that is all you need!

Here are some things you must do when you visit Trondheim.


1. Nidaros.

Nidaros Cathedral is a church of Norway in the city of Trondheim.





2. Bakklandet.

Bakklandet is a neighborhood that lies between Bakke Bridge and the Old Town Bridge. This neighborhood is filled with tiny, colorful, wooden houses! It is a major tourist attraction in this city.



I couldn’t stop taking pictures! The photographs don’t give it justice! You must experience Bakklandet with your own eyes.





3. Dromedar Kaffebar (Bakklandet)

Because who doesn’t have time to sit and take a coffee break!?




4.  The small, colorful, wooden houses!



5.  Antikvariatet.

We didn’t make it here, but everyone was suggesting it! Antikvariatet is a music and book bar where concerts and other cultural events are held! Can’t wait to go back and check it out.




6.  Get lost by the sea!

This was my view on our last morning in Trondheim. The perfect scenery for a 3 mile run. Take a stroll or run around the sea and you won’t be disappointed!




7. Take the train!

We took the train to Trondheim from Oslo. Flights out of Oslo were really expensive last minute.  Even though I got motion sickness the scenery was amazing! One thing I have learned about this country is to always take the train when you can!





Happiness is, planning a trip to somewhere new, with someone you love.

Cheers to our adventures in Trondheim. Here is to more mother-daughter adventures!



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