Explorers of Oslo

This month marks two years that I have been living in Oslo, Norway.  In September 2015, I moved from Pennsylvania to Oslo to further my education and career as a behavior analyst.  I had always wanted to try living overseas (preferably Ireland), but moving to Oslo was an amazing opportunity I knew I had to take.

When I moved I was lucky enough to have my mom help me; My mom, me, and three large suitcases. A girl has got to have all her shoes with her!  I was even luckier to have my mom stay with me for 3-weeks. Of course those 3- weeks weren’t spent galavanting around Oslo and other neighboring countries, but shopping for essentials (bedding, kitchen appliances, wool jackets, etc) and pacing my dorm room thinking “Mom, you have to move here with me.” I tried telling her we could get bunk beds, but she just wasn’t into that idea.

The point is, we didn’t get to do anything too adventurous because of my pain in the ass/stressed out self! Now, my mom is back in Oslo and visiting me for almost 2 weeks! Time to explore more of Oslo with my homegirl!


Be sure to check out Vigelandsparken!

Vigeland Sculpture Park is the world’s largest sculpture park and one of Norway’s most visited attractions.  The park offers over 200 sculptures that were made by a single artist, Gustav Vigeland. Be sure to check out The Angry Boy, The Monolith, and The Wheel of Life.

The Monolith 




The Wheel of Life 






She finally got to see the naked statues!







We have nothing to lose and a world to see.

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