Meet Me at the End of the Rainbow

…I didn’t find a pot of gold, but I found something better. I found the beautiful city of Cork. I PROMISEEEE this is my last post about Ireland…until I visit again. My boyfriend is currently in the interview process with a company in Dublin, so who knows!? I could be seeing Ireland a little more … More Meet Me at the End of the Rainbow

Honey, I’m home!

  It seems that my bad luck has continued. Remember back in July when I traveled back to the U.S. from Norway!? Well, this trip back for Christmas was a liitttlleeeeee similar.   Did my luggage take 2 weeks to be returned to me? No. Did it take me 48 hours to get to the … More Honey, I’m home!

Run, Darling, Run

  After arriving in Clonakilty Thursday night MUCH later than expected, Friday turned into a relaxing day which is exactly what we needed. While Alyssa worked a little, I wandered around the small town of Clonakilty. I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I made a straightaway for the pharmacy. Once that task … More Run, Darling, Run

Go with the Flow

  Yesterday morning started my travel adventures from Oslo, Norway to Clonakilty, Ireland.     Running Shoes: Check Garmin: Check Running Clothes: Check   My friend and I decided to sign up for the half marathon in Clonakilty, Ireland back in August. We both love Ireland (not as much as running), so we thought why … More Go with the Flow

Explorers of Oslo

This month marks two years that I have been living in Oslo, Norway.  In September 2015, I moved from Pennsylvania to Oslo to further my education and career as a behavior analyst.  I had always wanted to try living overseas (preferably Ireland), but moving to Oslo was an amazing opportunity I knew I had to … More Explorers of Oslo