Monday Morning Reminder!

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Happy Happy Monday Beauties!!!

After FINALLY getting to Pittsburgh a day behind schedule and still missing my luggage, this weekend was MUCH needed! Days have been extremely busy meeting up with friends, going out, and being back in one of my favorite cities! I am lucky I am not jet lagged or else my butt would be dragging big time! With all the hectic days I am still trying to maintain my normal schedule with workouts, nutrition, personal development, blogging, etc. Workouts have been on point and I have even gotten my old Pitt teammates to join in on the fun! Even with being active and on the go everyday, my nutrition has been a little off! We have been eating out and going out for drinks almost every night since I have been here… BUT HEY that is to be expected when you are visiting friends and haven’t been to some of these restaurants/bars in A YEAR! There is no way I’m going to turn down going to Mad Mex, Papa D’s, The Yard, or Panera Breads!

It is all about balance though!

After being out late last night for Mad Mex Margaritas, Yolandi and I were determined to start our Monday off with a bang! Hello Monday Morning Cardio!



Happy that is checked off the list for the day! BOOM!

Now to spend a few hours making calls to try to locate my missing luggage! Ugh!


Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 8.04.57 AM


Also! Happy Holiday Week & Safe Travels!

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