Better Late Than Never!

For anyone who travels internationally, or maybe it is just me, it NEVER gets easy!

This past trip back to the United States was my second international trip in one month (HA!). It really did take a toll on my body. I really should have eaten the cost and flew from Denver to Erie those 3 weeks in between. You live and learn!

June 29, 2017

6:10 a.m.  When I arrived at Gardermoen on Thursday, I had NEVER seen the Oslo airport that out of control! Kiosks weren’t working, travelers were scattered everywhere, and all check ins were delayed due to technical difficulties.  “I’ll still make it” I thought. NOPE! I wasn’t that lucky! I missed my first flight from OSLO >> ZURICH.



8:15 a.m. Surprisingly a lot of flights weren’t delayed. And I wasn’t surprised that as soon as I got to the desk the worker immediately said, “Your gate is closing, go wait to be rebooked.” MY SCOWLING FACE WAS ON POINT.


Travelers being interviewed about the delay


10:30 a.m. I played the waiting game for over TWO hours! I couldn’t really complain though.  I was able to get some reading and personal development in while I sat and waited to talk to an agent. It was actually pretty comical seeing people chasing airport staff around and then being ignored.  At times it was even embarrassing to watch people harassing the airport staff. We all have to wait our turn! Eventually I got rebooked and was on track to make it to Pittsburgh by 11:45 p.m!



My flight was set to depart at 4:30 p.m., but with the two-hour delay there was NO way I was going to make my connecting flight in CHICAGO >> PITTSBURGH. Of course no SAS workers were around and most of us had to wait in a line for over an hour at the service desk.  No one was even working at the service desk, and every time we would hunt down an SAS worker they told us, “Someone will be here in 15 minutes.” BULL SHIT!

Finally someone did arrive, but they instructed us to go wait at our gate. We were all jumping for joy that maybe we were getting on the plane, until they told us something was wrong with the plane and no one would be departing from Stockholm that night. Luckily, we were all put up in hotels, transported from the airport, and had flights rebooked that evening.  All seemed fine in the world, until MY LUGGAGE WAS MISSING. On top of that, the SAS worker told me to NOT file a report until I got to Pittsburgh (JOKES!) That was the cherry on top of my day!

About 10 of us had missing luggage.  So, guess how I spent the next hour of my evening!? IN ANOTHER LINE! The first thing I did at the hotel was go straight for the bar! A well deserved glass of wine and chocolate bar. Maybe a bottle would have been better!


Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 8.21.23 AM



June 30th, 2017 7:00 a.m. Check in for flight.




STILL NO BAGS FOUND. Daniel at the baggage center was not too fond of me and my missing bag situation, but at least I got the report started!!! ONE ITEM OFF THE LIST. NEXT ITEM: GET ME HOME!

9:10 a.m. Stockholm to Copenhagen was smooth sailing and same with Copenhagen to Dulles! I was FINALLY back in the United States. I was slowly making progress!

6:18 p.m. Depart from DULLES >> PITTSBURGH…. But first we waited on the plane for over an hour due to weather conditions.

7:05 p.m. HEY PITTSBURGH HEY!!! We finally landed! Only 24 hours of extra travel time and I was finally home (well to my second home!).



Unfortunately, my luggage was not waiting for me, so I yet again needed to file another claim THERE! Thankfully my best friend picked me up from the airport with a coffee and an offer to go straight to TARGET! WHO NEEDS CLEAN CLOTHES!? THIS GIRL!




Tracking my luggage, emailing SAS Arlanda back and forth, and talking with customer service was an absolute NIGHTMARE! Barely anyone had their shit together. It was very disappointing and frustrating! I heard from someone maybe once a day and even customer service couldn’t help me! Fingers and toes crossed I get reimbursed some money from both my travel insurance and SAS for items I had to purchase during my delay.

July 6, 2017 My bag was finally in Pittsburgh!



Even figuring out the arrival of my bag was a nightmare because they didn’t give me a flight number to call United Airlines to pick my bag up from the airport! SCREW IT! I didn’t want any other delays occurring, so I ended up driving out to the airport for my bag! With my luck it still would have taken them a day or two to deliver it!

I am thankful that it only took me four flights and 2 full days to make it back the U.S.

It took my bag 5 flights (OSL>>KEF>>BOS>>ORD>>PIT) and 1 week!

I did try to keep my cool, but you best believe my sassy pants were on from time to time! It wasn’t the fact that my journey took me 48 hours or my bag took a week, but the fact that some people were not understanding or helpful of the situation.  BUT shit happens, and you just have to DEAL with it!


All in all, I am just SOOOO grateful to be home for a few weeks! Let’s hope my trip to Hawaii is not as eventful and my bags are with me! You best believe I will be putting my bridesmaids dress in my carry on! Not taking any chances!


If any of you are traveling this summer, I wish you good luck!

Happy Travels!





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