The Mondayest Tuesday Ever


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I guess the saying “Never Miss a Monday” didn’t apply to my blog yesterday! I meant to finish this post last night, but wine happened! I blame my colleague who was in for a visit from England!


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Ever have one of those Monday’s where you wake up right away at the sound of your alarm, actually get out of bed, and kill your Monday morning routine. But then as the day  progresses…. BOOM! Your body feels like it is carrying a ton of bricks.

If you haven’t guessed, that is EXACTLY how yesterday was.

After a pretty relaxing weekend, I was up at 6:00! Ready to start day 15 of 21 of our summer shift challenge! It was a bit of a killer, since we are now on week 3, which bumps up the program time to 45 minutes! Only 5 days left. I can’t believe how fast this program has gone and then we are onto our September fall challenge.


Girl’s got hops, eh!?


With Monday work days, comes LOTS of work and student duties.  Right now, I am currently working on edits to my first paper (aiming for submission this fall WOO WOO!).   I am also in the middle of preparing for a research contest! It involves 10 PhD students from around Oslo.  At the end of next month we will be presenting our research in an “entertaining” format on LIVE television.  Alright, who is willing to kidnap me around September 26th!?

I know I’ve had lots of practice with performing in front of large audiences, but NEVER HAVE I EVER BEEN ON TELEVISION TALKING FOR 4 MINUTES!!!! And if I make it to round two then it’ll be another 4 minutes!

I’m practically biting off my fingernails just thinking about it!

Today (now Tuesday) I am meeting and rehearsing both presentations with the group.  Instead of freaking out (which I am still doing a little bit of), I have decided to do my best wherever I am at.  This feeling has come from reading my newest personal development book, You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero (AMAZING READ IF YOU HAVEN’T PICKED IT UP YET).

Basically I am trying to drill into my head that everything I am doing now is really going to contribute to where I am going to end up.  Even though I am CRINGING at the idea of taking part in this contest, I am telling myself that I need to be grateful for this opportunity, I have lots of people around me willing to help me, and with consistent practice I can knock these presentations out of the park.

Progress not perfection, right!?

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And working on surviving Tuesday!



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