Today Be Simply Grateful


Monday morning. Another airport and another flight. Although, this trip back to Oslo feels a little different.


The past few days have been spent in Barcelona. Last Monday I got back from my 6 week vacation in the US, only to hop on another flight on Wednesday to Barcelona. I guess the best way to fight jet lag is to jump into another vacation, but in Europe.


I ended up flying to Barcelona with one of my friends who lives in NYC. He was visiting some friends in England and he made a quick stop to Oslo before we were off to Barcelona.


Since I introduced Tim to Oslo night life the night before, our first half day in Barcelona was spent on the terrace relaxing.


Our first official day of exploring was on Thursday. We were meant to go have a tour of Park Guell, but Tim ended up sleeping in. GOOD JOB TIM. We ended up exploring the Park later on, so he made up for his slacking!




Post park adventures included the beach and eating in Las Ramblas. I thank God for being exhausted that day and needing a siesta. Only an hour after getting back to my apartment is when the attack happened. We would have been right there. RIGHT THERE. I had thrown around the idea of doing some shopping within the area, but I figured it was only our first day; I would have lots of time to collect souviners and shop around.


I know ANYTHING could happen ANYWHERE at ANYTIME and we should not in live fear, but I was terrified to the point of tears. Yes, I did consider booking a flight the next day and leaving. Yes, I had many people telling me to get the hell out of there, but I also had a ton of other people telling me I should DEFINITELY stay.


Getting out the next day helped tremendously. Being on beach, in the sun, and surrounded by people was much needed. We also hit some of the more populated tourist areas and it was like nothing had happened. Yes there were memorials set up all over Las Ramblas, but it was like there were more people out than the day prior.

Point proven. Don’t live in fear.

I’m sad my time in Barcelona is over, but I’m also happy to be going home. Barcelona will hold a special place in my heart after the last few days. Barcelona, I will be seeing you again someday.



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