Mondays are for FRESH STARTS!

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This week is my last full week in Olso before heading back to the U.S. for a couple of weeks! Anyone who has seen or talked to me recently knows how much I am looking forward to next week! They probably can’t wait for me to leave and shut up about it already! Ever since getting back from Denver I have been extremely homesick, and I just can’t wait to get back to Pennsylvania to recharge. Writing, coaching, and everything in between has been a little overwhelming for me lately.  Plus I am looking forward to my vacation/best friends wedding in HAWAII! I have a plus one! Any takers!? Maybe I should hold interviews to find a suitable date!?




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Ever feel like you are so eager to start the week? Attack all you goals? Start fresh? But also feel overwhelmed because you want to accomplish so much!?

Well, that is kind of how I felt yesterday until I actually took the time to write out my goals for the week.


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Considering how hectic our weeks can be whether you are working full time, a student, have children, training for an athletic competition, or are even on summer vacation, weekly goals can help us keep our eye on the prize and manage our time more effectively!

I took the time to write out THREE GOALS FOR MY WEEK.

  1. 5 DAY CLEAN EATING CHALLENGE: No chocolate, daily workouts, and clean meals.
  2. Edits to paper 1 Daily PLUS analyze data
  3. Order a bridesmaids dress for Hawaii wedding! (I hope you aren’t reading this Kim. DON’T STRESS OUT!)


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It is easy to sit and think of all the things we want to accomplish in life, but sometimes it is even harder to go out and make them happen!  To expect to see change, we need to go out there and attack our goals! I hope you all take the time to think about how you want your week to go, and then go out there and get the job done!


Wishing you all a productive, happy, and healthy week!


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