Be Obsessively Grateful

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Recently, I have started a new summer exercise & nutrition challenge.  SURPRISE SURPRISE, RIGHT!? Besides talking about recipes, how many squats we did that day, or how much chocolate we shouldn’t have consumed (JOKING); we practice and focus on personal development.

This past week there have been several times where gratitude has come up.  I thought I would continue this week on the gratitude train.


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I know some of you may be thinking this is a stupid exercise. Heck, sometimes when my teammates post about “gratitude” within the accountability group, I just think to myself “AGH, again!?” I don’t think it is a bad thing to always be reflecting on what we are grateful for. In fact, it should be a daily exercise. I know there are some days where I realized all I have done was COMPLAIN! YUCK.

When we are unhappy, reflecting on things that have gone wrong, and all the things we don’t have in life; it is hard to alter our minds and reflect on everything we should be grateful for. When something upsetting or disappointing happens in our lives, we often jump to the conclusion that EVERYTHING is wrong and nothing will ever work out for us.  In the midst of LIFE, it is easy to lose sight of all the good things we have in front of us.  Maybe I’m the only drama queen here, but I’m pretty sure we have all been there.

When we start reflecting daily on the little things we are grateful for, we are able to step back and appreciate those things we take for granted.  It could be as simple as being grateful for: your morning cup of coffee, a hot bubble bath, the quiet train ride away from your kids (hehe), or the beer and company you had during an evening out.

Just like any other habits we create, building more gratitude in our day takes practice.  We so often forget to take the time to do this, so I hope you take the time NOW!

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Here are a few that I thought of today.  Fill in YOUR OWN answers. Some people like to simply think about what they are grateful for.  Others, like myself, like to write them down. You can even say them out loud, which may make you feel a little silly.  Although, it may also make the exercise more powerful and meaningful to you! Whatever floats your boat (:


1. What food are you most grateful for?

ANYTHING WITH PEANUT BUTTER.  You could give me a jar and a spoon and you would make me the happiest person alive.

2.  What challenge are you most grateful for?

Moving to Norway to work on my PhD.  It has challenged me in so many other areas of my life: relationships, friendships, emotions, mental strength… The list could go on.

3.  What is the best thing that has happened to you this week (so far)?

Being faced with new challenges. Although, stressful and SUPER OVERWHELMING, I have had a ton on my plate this week. From getting edits back for my first research paper (to be published this fall), to my first coaching session for a research contest this fall, to becoming a coach! IT HAS BEEN ONE HECK OF A WEEK! Now time to get down to work.


4. What sense are you most grateful for?

UGH. THIS QUESTION. Today I would have said my sight because it is finally a sunny and BEAUTIFUL day in Oslo.  I love seeing everyone smiling ear to ear because it is not raining today!  Yesterday, I was leaning towards hearing. Along with coffee and yoga, spotify has been getting me through the week as well (: It it crazy to think that losing one would be OK to us one day, but the next day our minds are completely changed. It just goes to show all of the things that we take for granted daily that we should be grateful for.

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If any of you are interested in working on creating a better YOU, two books I am currently reading chapters from include:

  1.  We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere: Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel
  2. 50 Ways to Yay!: Transformative Tools for a Whole Lot of Happy: Alexi Panos

I also can’t wait to dig into The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  It is ordered and on its way to my home in the U.S!!!


Happy Thankful Thursday!




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