Aloha from the beaches of Oahu

Waikiki Beach


Ever try surfing? I’ve never tried and when my friends suggested doing it on Waikiki beach I thought now was the perfect time! When in Hawaii! Surfs up! Thanks to Zacarias, we were taught the basic techniques on dry land before paddling out to sea.  He taught us how to paddle (ugh my arms), where to position ourselves on the board, and how to get up on the board to ride out the wave. Easier demonstrated (on dry land) than done! Zacarias helped guide us out on the water, positioning us as we waited for his cue to catch a wave! If you are ever in Hawaii be sure to check out Star Beachboys Waikiki and ask for Zacarias! He also does surf safaris out of Waikiki! Check out Da Surf School and Tours! Definitely would have been fun to do a surf safari!


I’m not gonna lie… Paddling out while salt water was smacking me in the face and burning my eyes, was making me want to turn my board around.  I knew it was going to be a LONGGGG 45 minutes out on that water.  Once I got far out enough and was able to get up on my board and ride out a few waves, the struggle was worth it.  Waikiki beach is a very populated beach, full of tourists.  We were also taking lessons during the middle of the day.  I almost ran into a photographer (no wonder they only got 4 shots of me), a small child, and I almost got taken out myself! The busyness of the water was a little disappointing when I was able to stay up and ride out a few waves. I was hooked and I wanted to keep at it, but soon our hour of surfing was over! There will be more waves.  Hopefully I can try surfing in San Diego next May! Who wants to join!?



Lanikai (Heavenly Sea) Beach


With the whitest sands and the clearest blue water, jumping into this water was so refreshing after our hike up the Lanikai Pillbox Hike.  From the beach you can see Mokulua (Two Islands).  Our group didn’t do it, but we saw plenty of people paddle boarding and kayaking to the islands.  Highlights of the beach include the reef fish and the sea turtles that are commonly seen.  We didn’t bring our snorkel equipment and we unfortunately didn’t see any sea turtles! Maybe you will have better luck than us!




Kaliua Beach



Kaliua is Just next door to Lanikai beach! Both beaches are beautiful and I think Lanikai was my favorite, but Kailua was larger! Julie and I went to this beach right before we hiked the Lanikai Pillbox Trail! I definitely recommend beach hopping in this area (:




Waimea Bay 


To the North Shore! It is tough to say whether this beach was my favorite or if Lanikai was my favorite, so I will just say it’s a tie! What better way to spend a lazy Saturday than with friends, in the sun, and jumping off the big rock at Waimea Bay.  This was what the bridal party chose to do the day after the wedding.  It was much-needed after all the dancing and partying we did the night before and the days leading up to the wedding.  The water was so clear at Waimea Bay that we were able to snorkel and see the beautifully colored fish. A few of us even got to swim alongside a sea turtle! THIS WAS AMAZING!!! I’m happy I got to check off “turtle sighting” on my checklist.

Some of the bridal party on our last day together 


ALSO, YOU MUST TRY CLIFF JUMPING AT WAIMEA BAY! We climbed up the 30 feet to the top of the rock and it wasn’t an easy climb up. The rock is a little slippery and sharp in some areas, and as soon as you get to the top, climbing down seems scarier than jumping off the rock! Once we were at the top we built up our confidence and jumped off! It was kind of comical that the two collegiate divers were the two to scream while jumping off the rock!!!


There are safe areas to jump off, so don’t be worry!!!



Hau’ula Beach Park 

Want a quieter beach to go to!? This beach was located directly across from the beach house we were staying at.  It was very quiet and the beach was very narrow. We were able to swim in the water, but the water wasn’t very calm.  This could definitely be a good spot for someone learning to surf! Check out Kim’s skim boarding moves!



Ala Moana Beach Park

This beach was just a short distance from Waikiki and was definitely less populated than Waikiki beach. This beach is great for all! We saw lots of surfers out riding the waves, but the water was also good for small children and babies! Kim and I took Brooklyn, so it was perfect for her too.  I’m sure the next time I visit Hawaii she will be swimming along with us in the big blue ocean.



’till next time!



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