Monday Vibes


Monday Motivation coming to you from Hawaii! I’m sorry for the delay in posting this morning, but our agenda included Diamond Head Hike bright and early. We wanted to get out before the sun was too hot! Talk about some morning booty work!


Unfortunately our snorkeling plans fell through for today, so we are now off to do another hike (an easier one).

I know it’s hard to be motivated and excited about Monday’s. Obviously this one is a bit different for me since I’m on vacation. I’m so grateful to be able to spend my Monday morning exploring more of Hawaii!

So for today, whether you are on vacation, working, or not having a great start to your week, find something to be grateful for.

I know this week is going to be filled with lots of firsts, but I also know I need to get some work done! I’ve felt guilty for not keeping up with my business, messages, emails, and school work, but I probably won’t be back to Hawaii for a few more years!

So like I’m telling myself, cut yourself some slack and enjoy!



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