Oh Hello Week, Let’s Do This!

Bring on a new Monday, a new week, and new goals!

Already experiencing the Monday struggles or blues!? I know I am! I am currently attending an international conference in Denver, and today is the third and FINAL DAY! I love being here learning from amazing clinicians, teachers, and researchers from all around the world, but I am excited it is the last day! The past three days have consisted of lots of coffee, daydreams about napping, and little time to work out. Needless to say I am excited to get back on track tomorrow!

Since today is my final day at the conference and my last full week in Denver, I decided to start my Monday off with a BANG!  Instead of dragging my feet and being in a funk that the weekend is over, I am going to create some weekly goals to motivate myself! It may seem like a silly thing to sit and take the time to do, but I am trying to add more purpose to my days! I challenge you to do the same.

To keep myself accountable:

My goals for the day:

  1. During each lecture I attend today: write down 1 thing I understand about the topic and 1 thing I want to learn more about.
  2. NO Chocolate! I brought my friend, Sarah, Norwegian chocolate, and I think I have eaten more of it than she has. OOPS! I’m a terrible visitor.

My goals for the week:

  1. Explore more of Denver (The Botanical Garden, The Parks, and HIKES!)  If anyone is from Denver and has any recommendations, comment away please!
  2. Get back to daily workouts (This should be easier after today!)
  3. Write up my presentation for Researcher Grand Prix (Research Contest for PhD candidates in Norway!)


Good luck with all of your goalzzz! Let’s go out and ATTACK them… maybe after a cup of coffee that is!



Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. 

It comes from what you do consistently. 

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