Where to Next? How About Budapest!

When it is a long weekend in Norway you take the opportunity to get out and explore.  Especially considering it is May and we’ve continued to have snowy days. YUCK.

There is so much to see in this Budaful city, so I suggest making a list and planning ahead!  Being the planner I am, I made a list and got made fun of by my two girlfriends (They referred to it as the “Nerd List”). By the second hour, they were already asking to see the list to check off what we had already accomplished. You’re welcome ladies!

The three of us stayed in an Airbnb located in the Jewish Quarter.  This was a great location because we wanted to see most of the city by foot. It was only a few short minutes from the Synagogue. The Dohany Street Synagogue happens to be the largest in Europe, and the second largest in the world! Don’t miss it!

Ok, but here are some other must see sites!

The Citadella (fortification) which is on top of Gelert Hill.


Chain Bridge which separates Buda and Pest.


If you don’t want to walk up to Castle Hill, you can take the Funicular. Very time efficient PLUS a great view.

The Hungarian National Gallery & The National Library of Hungary



St. Stephen’s Basilica






Castle District which in this area you can also see Old Town Hall, Fisherman’s Bastion, and Matthias Church


Heroes Square


Andrassy Avenue


The only thing we didn’t do on the list were the Baths! And that is only because we ran out of time! Everyone highly recommends this for a more relaxed day, or if you are too hung over from all the partying at the Ruin Pubs.

Enough about the sites, right?! For all you foodies out there…

  1. Bp BARbq: Located in the Jewish Quarter.  They have excellent Barbecue Street Food and VERY friendly staff.  I highly recommend the Reuben Sandwich!
  2. Bors Gasztro Bar: Located in the Jewish Quarter.  It is definitely worth visiting this soup and sandwich shop! I gave the Barack Obama Baguette a big thumbs up.



3.  Street Food Karavan: Located in the Jewish Quarter. Beer, Langos Burgers (A MUST HAVE), and Kurtoskalacs (or Chimney Cakes).



4.  Ruszwurm: Located in Castle District. Try their delicious homemade cakes and strudels. If you don’t know what to pick, I HIGHLY recommend the Kremes, which is the light custard filled pastry. My mouth is just watering thinking about it!


5.  Langos Papa: Located on Andrassy ut 38.  They offer a selection of fried langos.  Be prepared though! They are very filling, so I recommend splitting one between two people!

6.  Cirkusz Cafe Budapest: Located in the Jewish Quarter. This was a great place for Breakfast or Brunch!


7.  On our final day, I NEEDED to try the Goulash Soup.  We went to Mozsar Kavezo. It wasn’t as good as I had expected, but hey it was worth a shot!

As you can see we ATE our way through the weekend.  Oh, and we also DRANKKKKK… When you travel from Oslo, which is one of the most expensive drinking cities in the world, you take advantage of cheap beer! (:


  1.  Szimpla Kert.  It is one of the most well-known ruin pubs by locals and those visiting.  Great atmosphere and music. We went here two nights in a row… so you know it had to be a great time (:
  2. Kuplung.  Originally a repair shop, but now offers live music and an outdoor garden.

The two others that were recommended were Instant and Fogas. CHECK THEM OUT TRAVEL BUGS!

LAST but not least, girls being girls, we HAD to do a little bit of shopping.

  1.  Andrassy Street- If you are more into designer fashion
  2. Szputnyik- A trendy second-hand shop
  3. Latomas- A small clothing store with especially cute purses and clutches
  4. Alapdarab- A small boutique that offers stylish designs

This was just a glimpse into our long weekend in Budapest.  Be sure to check out all the other sites that we weren’t able to get to!

Stay tuned for more Squadabroad Adventures!







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